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I chose green as my brand color because green space puts me at ease & it is the color for Mental Health Awareness


Cancelations, Rescheduling, Redos.

Life happens, especially since Covid. Just let me know if you can’t make it, ASAP, and we will reschedule at a better time.

I want you to love your hair! If something is not working for you, contact me within a week for haircuts, two weeks for color, and I’ll make any adjustments needed.

Please note: I will give you heads up if I anticipate a challenge getting you to your desired result in one session. Not everything can be done in a single session. Hair health 1st!

I am committed to being a welcoming and gender affirming stylist & human. All kind souls, and their support animals, are welcome!

Strands for Trans

Strands for Trans is a registry of salons and barber shops that offer gender affirming services, gender neutral pricing, and spaces. I am celebrating my first year as a member, May 2023.

I am a long time LGTBQIA ally. I am also a mom of a Queer/ Non-Binary Teen. I’ve had the great privilege of giving first gender affirming cuts for teens, it is an incredibly beautiful experience, and truly humbling. It’s an honor to be trusted for such a milestone.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you need another parent ally DM me.

Dress Code Project

When they go low, I am throwing my arms open wider. In honor of Pride 2023, I doubled down on my commitment to being a welcoming gender-affirming stylist, and pledged my allegiance to the Dress Code Project:

“Our mission is to educate and empower hair stylists and barbers to give people haircuts that help them look the way they feel. We envision a world where every hair salon and barbershop is a gender affirming, safer-space for LGBTQ2S+ clients.

We want to provide support, education, resources and events that help, not only our member salons, but any hairdresser or barber interested in seeking additional knowledge to create safer spaces in their area.

For many queer folks, the professional beauty industry has always been considered a safer space but we still have a long way to go with education, acceptance and understanding and it’s our mission to make sure we continue forward momentum.”

Me: “Yes, please!”

A Word About Social Media & Guest Photos

I Respect My Guests’ Privacy.

You’ll notice I don’t have many guest photos across media platforms, this is by design. I will not subject my guests to post service photoshoots or post anything on social media without explicit permission, and advanced notice. I prefer to spend that time on extended consultations, answering questions, or creating a styling tutorial just for you!

I also have an uneasy relationship with social media in general. I appreciate the visibility, but at what cost? My guests generally feel the same way.

If I ask for photos for posting, it will be clear, only with consent, and usually come with a reward for the modeling. I view it like logos, if a brand wants me to advertise for their company with their logo emblazoned on my chest, shouldn’t they be paying me as their walking billboard. Otherwise, just provide I product I love, and killer service, and I’ll chat it up gladly.

I use social media creatively to promote myself, and amplify voices. I’ll let you control what you put out there or not.

If you like my work, please tell your friends, I appreciate referrals!

If you’re happy and want to share it, and tag me, that would be lovely. I’ll thank you will rewards points};-)

What To Expect During Your Visit

Covid Safety

Y(our) health and safety are my #1 priority. 

  • Triple Certified in Infection Control.
  • Fully vaccinated and boosted x’s 2 (11/22).
  • All Guests are Required to Mask Regardless of Vaccination Status, In Home and In Salon.
  • I continually monitor the NYS state, and Federal guidelines, and meet, or exceed their mandates. 
  • For In Home visits I require Adequate Ventilation (non-negotiable)
In Home Visits

In home visits are for established guests, primarily for safety reasons. I prefer to meet in the salon for the first visit. It’s like online dating, meet in public first. However, I do understand that some people can not go to the salon for health reasons, physical or emotional. Please contact me directly, and let’s chat.

That being said, I require adequate ventilation, good lighting, access to an electrical outlet, and I need enough space to comfortably, and fully be able to walk around the chair. If you do not require a wheelchair, I need a standard height chair, back in no higher than your shoulder blades if possible.

I may also require a surface to work off of for certain services, like a small table or counter for hot tools, and hair pins during an updo.

In Salon

I rent space as needed as a guest artist at a newer salon in Soho, on Thompson St. The space has a casual chic, warm, industrial, downtown vibe. The salon is LGBTQIA+ friendly, the restroom is gender neutral.

If you have mobility concerns please contact me directly, an In Home/Office Visit may be preferable for you. We can chat logistics.

Time Based Pricing

My services and prices are gender neutral, and time based. My menu reflects the average time it takes for any given service. Please view my complete menu with descriptions and pricing here.

I switched to session based all inclusive pricing. If you need a deep conditioning treatment or a clarifying treatment, it’s included! When you book a color session, we will do as much as we can to get you as close to your color goal as possible, allowing for integrity of the hair, time and budget. (Do you really care if it’s a toner or a gloss? I’ll drive, you just need to buckle up, once you tell me where we’re going.)

Zero Waste Plan

The Beauty Business Has a Big Dirty Secret

877lbs Salon Waste to Landfill Every Single Minute

There is a better way. (May 2023 was my 1st anniversary with GCS!)

1. I’ve partnered with Green Circle Salons to collect waste from your services, such as hair, excess color, color tubes, PPE & more for recycling or repurposing. Hair can be used to clean oil spills, or made into bio-plastic, which is super cool. 

2. I’m also collecting used PPE to recycle on your behalf in my GCS box..

Bring Me Your Dirty Masks!

3. Friseur NYC is Carbon Neutral, Green Circle Salons has partnered with Climate Partner to Offset Member Carbon production. 

4. I’ve selected products with sustainable packaging, where possible, and recycle the rest with Green Circle salons.

5. I rent space in an existing salon to avoid opening a single chair salon or suite. This saves energy since I do not have to heat or light a space when it’s not in use. And it allows me to remain independent at the same time. 

6. I use a digital scale to measure color, so I can measure just enough color, and not have excess to begin with.

7. I’m learning more every day, and doing what I can.

Learn More @GreenCircleSalons –  Learn More @ClimatePartner

I support the Crown Act

What is the Crown Act?

Crown = Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair

The CROWN ACT is legislation to end discrimination in the workplace and schools based on hairstyles. 

NYS has protections in place for humans wearing “protective hairstyles” such as dreads, braids, twists, coils, bantu knots, etc. Most states do not.

Kids can get sent home or denied access to events and activities, and black, women in particular, but not exclusively, face hair discrimination at work regularly. 

At the Federal level Mitch is holding up the Vote in the Senate, of course, the CROWN Act passed in the House, two years and counting (2023).

As an educator, I teach that hair has no race, we speak in terms of hair texture, which is as diverse as the humans who have it! I am trying to find ways to pressure the states, and schools who are required to take their cues from states, to overhaul their curriculum requirements to include more education on textured hair and protective styling, which is almost completely absent or just mentioned in theory, rarely practiced.

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photo of a redhead leaning on crossed arms
I use Pixels for these gorgeous photos, my guests prefer to protect their privacy. The Portfolio images are all mine, the obvious non-pro pics. Photography is not my forte’.