Loyalty\Referral Program

Dear Esteemed Guests and Friends,

Thank you for trusting me with your hair, and your stories. You are the reason I LOVE my work so much. You are smart, conscientious, and kind. I love how you think, and navigate the world in such a thoughtful way. You make my day brighter every time I see you!

Please accept the following rewards as a small token of my gratitude for your good company, and great hair!

Thank You For Your Support.



Loyalty Program

Earn Points every visit +Bonus Points
  • $105/Services=10 Points
  • Birthdays+50 Points
  • Reviews & Check-Ins +50 Points
Redeem points for select Services\seasonal Products
  • Dip Minis Shampoo & Conditioner Bars (back in stock May23)
  • Deep Conditioning or Clarifying Treatment 50 pts
  • Toner: 150 pts
  • Gloss: 300 pts

Referral Program

Let’s Share the love and good company

Send a Friend Receive $45 OFF Your Next Visit

Your Friend Receives $35 OFF Their First Visit*

*Just for Keeping Good Company 😉


Loyalty Program enrollment, and earned points are automatically applied to your account.

Referral Program Rewards will be credited to your account after your friend completes their checkout. Share the Code Below, once your friend registers with me (I value privacy, and will never share information.), your friend will receive and account credit for $35 to apply towards their 1st visit, once

Earned Points and Credit have no cash value. If you are no longer in the area and sending me your friends (I see you out there and still want to share some love!) I’ll send you a product care package equivalent retail value to referral reward. These programs may be altered or terminated at any time.

* A profile is generated for you when you schedule your first appointment online. Please make sure it’s up to date.

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