Want Healthier Hair?

Show Your Scalp Some Love!

For Healthier Hair Show Your Scalp Some Love!

Your scalp is just a hairy extension of your face, yes really, it’s true. You should be caring for your scalp just as well as you do your face, using a lot of the same principals. Hair, hats, wigs, and scarves trap sweat, oil, dry skin and product. If your scalp gets congested, or out of balance, you can start to have problems ranging from dandruff to hair loss.

You want a clean scalp, but you also don’t want to strip all the moisture out of your scalp, and hair.

The quality and life cycle of your hair is dependent on the environment you create for it. Just like your face, it is essential to keep your scalp clean, but not stripped away of it’s natural oils, and that you use high quality products that don’t irritate or congest your scalp. Think from Root to Tip when caring for your hair, and scalp.

Scalp Care Tips:

  • Make sure you use hair care products that are safe enough to use on your face!
  • Massage your scalp really well when cleansing, with finger tips or scalp brush, as long as you brush you teeth.
  • Rinse ALL of the cleanser out of your hair and off your scalp!
  • Avoid getting Conditioner and Styling Products on your scalp.
  • Substitute Witch Hazel with Aloe and Rose for Dry Shampoo, sprinkle roots and massage.
  • Do A Weekly Apple Cider Vinegar detox. I keep a spray bottle in the shower and spray on scalp and hair, massage into scalp, and let sit for a couple minutes before cleansing.

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