About Me

Hello Friends & Neighbors, I’m Jessica,  (she/her)

I am an independent, zero waste, semi-mobile hair artist, based in Soho, NYC.

My superpower, putting even the most salon shy at ease, with genuine “Minnesotan Nice,” and my nurturing nature. I’m approachable, accessible, and wear every hat in this business. I love taking the time to really get to know my guests, and collaborating with them to create easy to wear, low maintenance haircuts and colors, that grow out beautifully over time.

My guests tend to be slightly, or completely, allergic to social media, and I fiercely guard their privacy. As a mom of a teen, I see the effects of social media on our children, and my own mental health. I have an uneasy personal relationship with social media, I appreciate the visibility, but at what cost? And frankly most of my guests just have no interest in being “micro-influencers” or unpaid hair models.

One of the coolest things I get to do as a stylist, gender affirming haircuts, particularly on adolescents. My child, and hair muse, is Transgender, their transformation was not my first experience, but it was the most enlightening experiences I’ve been through as a parent, and human. To witness the relief, and joy, my child felt when they could BE the person they’ve felt, but didn’t know how to share, is incredibly humbling. The term for that feeling, Gender Euphoria, says it all.

I launched Friseur NYC in 2020 as a safer way to navigate returning to work after NYC’s “Covid Pause.” Many of my guests, and I, are considered “high risk” for complications from Covid. (Over fifty, Aging GraceF.U.lly + asymptomatic cerebral vascular disease, and trying to keep it that way.) I also needed the flexibility, I’m a single mom, and had a middle schooler stuck at home remote learning.

I’ve been advocate for clean sustainable scalp/hair care, gender-free hair, time-based pricing, and realistic beauty standards, since I began my training in Minneapolis, at the original Aveda Institute, 35 years ago. I am also incredibly passionate about continuing education, as a stylist, forever student and mentor. I also love sharing my hair nerd brain with anyone willing to listen. I can sink to the bottom of a historical hair rabbit hole faster that you can say, “I’m sorry I’m late!”

I work hard to create a more emotionally intelligent, accepting, and sustainable world for my child, and all the kids that will inherit this planet. My child and I are social, and economic justice activists. We are environmentalists, admittedly, with a lot to learn, mental health care advocates.

I am huge comedy/mystery/horror fan, and a hardcore physical book reader. If it’s my day off and the weather is warmish, you’ll probably find us camping under the stars, dog by my side. Inclement weather I’ll be at the museum or walking the quieter streets looking for inspiration or something new to read.

At the end of the day, I hope I bring a little more beauty, ease, and joy into this world.

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