Strands for Trans

Strand for Trans is a registry of salons, barbershops and independent stylists, like myself, who are committed to providing safe and welcoming spaces, and gender affirming services for Trans and Non-Binary Humans.

I’ve been an advocate for gender neutral, time based pricing since I began my career with my Annie Lennox cropped cut and a fierce sense of social justice, back in the late ’80’s. I am also a proud parent of a Queer Non-Binary teen. I’ve had quite bit of experience with FIRST gender affirming haircuts, mostly on adolescents, it is, by far, the coolest thing I get to do! I always feel honored to be able to participate in such a beautiful milestone.

My child and I are acutely aware of how painful, and dangerous it can be to not be in the hands of a caring provider, service, medical, or mental health. We had one recent terrifying intake visit with a new Dr, who was frankly, horrifyingly transphobic. This MD, misgendered and dead-named my child too many times to count. Regardless of having been corrected every time. I have never been so angry about anything.

My child was already in a vulnerable place, it was infuriating, and demoralizing. We left with two votes of no confidence. I spoke with the director of the clinic, and am still considering next steps. I can’t imagine treating anyone this way.

My home is a safe haven for a menagerie of teens, I’m grateful my child feels good about bringing them home. Not all these kids can let their hair down and be themselves at home, or in their neighborhoods. I’m also secretly thrilled when he trusts me enough to leave me alone with them and their hair! (Teen mom win, if you know, you know;-) Naturally, my chair is an extension of that queer friendly space. I welcome all kind humans, and their support animals.

I am also happy to consult by phone, or email if anyone prefers more privacy or if there are any questions or concerns. I understand some people may have had some trauma around their hair or appearance, or their bodies, and “beauty” services can be challenging. Just let me know if you have any boundaries ahead of time, I will respect them.

Getting your hair done, should be a treat, you should feel cared for and refreshed. Know that your hair is welcome here. And I honor and respect you for waking up everyday and just being your authentic self. If I can make your day a little brighter, maybe bring some ease to your day, you’ll have made mine.

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