Get Ready for Your Summer dip(s)

Hello Hair Family,

I want to introduce you to the Dip family, your new best hair friends. As you know, I am continuously on the lookout for naturally healthy, sustainable products that are good for you, and the environment. And ways to support other small, women-led businesses. I’ve tried many bar shampoos / conditioners and just didn’t love them, that is until, Dip showed up at the party! Dip is an absolute treat for your hair, wrapped up in plastic free, recyclable paper packaging.

Kate, the amazing woman who created these luscious Shampoo & Conditioner bars is our NJ neighbor. If you message Dip, that’s her responding. When Kate launched Dip 10/21 she was not trying to conquer the world of beauty products. Kate’s products are a labor of love, as all labor ought to be, (and a means of supporting her family) with sustainability, and inclusion baked right in.

Remember the amazing surprise fundraiser @whalebonemagazine for yours truly, that was Kate, with the help of some friends. We hadn’t even met in person yet, we were just emailing talking product for a couple months, when she through that party together to help with my recovery expenses. She has one of the biggest hearts out there, and she pours it into her business, and community! It shows.

Recommended for all hair types. It’s Curl, Color, TSA, backpack, and beach bag friendly (especially with their refillable tins). I’m enamored with the Tabacco and Driftwood scent, I actually want to swim in it! Dip is also rare, with (legit) fragrance-free options for those of you who are sensitive, allergic, or just prefer to use your own signature fragrance.

Please visit @dipalready for all the delicious details, and to purchase or find a retailer near you. And don’t forget to say hi to Kate, this woman is on a happy hair mission that makes my heart go flutter, let’s support our NJ friend! Also please follow, and tag on instagram, Kate doesn’t believe in paying people to advertise her products, all reviews are fans like me. (I do not receive any compensation for promoting Dip)

@dipalready on instagram

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